Coming soon ORM 3 FA

ORM 3 FA is an outdoor box designed for facades. The in-line solution permits the passage of an outdoor riser cable that runs along the façade. The necessary fibers are pulled out of the cable, as is the case with conventional riser cables inside the building. For drop cables there is a separate bushing for up to 11 cable entries. The box contains fiber management and a splice tray for 12 splices. If necessary, the box can be expanded by a extension frame and additional two trays to increase the splicing capacity to 36.


  • Maximum capacity 36 splices
  • Possibility to place PLC splitter
  • In-line solution for outdoor riser cable 10-13mm
  • Express port 2x 7-9mm and 9x 2-5mm
  • Coverage degree IP54 to EN 60529
  • Impact protection degree IK10 to EN 50102
  • Dimensions 136 x 136x 46


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