Complaint Rules

The Complaints Rules determinate the process for lodging a claim for delivered products or services by the buyer.

Warranty Period

The Warranty Period for the products is 24 months starting the following day after accepting the product by the buyer. The Warranty Period is always extended for the time the product is in warranty repair. If the product is replaced, a new warranty period for this product starts again after accepting the new product.

Warranty Claim Conditions

The warranty does not cover failures caused by:

  • unqualified installation and handling, operating and using the product other than stated in the accompanying document,
  • using the product in conditions whose parameters do not correspond with the specifications stated in the accompanying document,
  • damage from natural disasters and third-party violent attacks,
  • damage from extreme load and use contrary to the conditions stated in the documentation,
  • damage from connecting into a network which does not comply with relevant ČSN (Czech National Standard) and effects of distribution network over-voltage,
  • or, if the Warranty Period of the product under claim expires.

Claim Settlement Process

The claim is settled without unreasonable delay, but at the latest 30 days from the day it is lodged, unless the buyer agrees with the seller on a longer term.

When lodging a claim, you must first specify if you want to claim the product or the delivery. Next you must know the number of your order and the type of a product to which the claim is related.

Product Claim

If a failure occurs with the delivered product, please contact the businessman who executed your order.

Delivery Claim

  • I have received another type of a product than I ordered
  • I have received a different quantity of a product than I ordered
  • I have found a mistake in an accompanying document or invoice

In these cases contact the businessman who executed your order.

  • products have been damaged on delivery

In this case you must keep the delivery acceptance procedure:

Parcel Acceptance – Undamaged Packaging

If you find a damaged product after accepting the delivery and the product packaging is undamaged, you must immediately contact your businessman in MICOS TELCOM Company.

Within 3 working days at the latest, the MICOS TELCOM Company businessman can solve this claim directly with the delivery company.

Parcel Acceptance – Damaged Packaging

Ask the delivery company for filling in a claim record. Accept the parcel and together with the delivery company check its content. If the content is not damaged, you can accept the delivery.

If the content is damaged, do the following:

  • Together with the driver make a record of damage in the waybill, reg. CMR.
  • Sign and stamp this record, and give a copy of this document back to the driver.
  • We recommend taking photos of the damage.
  • The driver will hand over the damage record to the delivery company.
  • Send a claim with a signed waybill, reg. CMR to your businessman in MICOS TELCOM Company. The waybill, reg. CMR must also include a signature of the driver!
  • Then MICOS TELCOM Company will use the above mentioned document to make a claim for the damage with the delivery company which was in charge with the delivery.
  • The delivery company will solve the claim according to its internal rules.

If the content is damaged, you must always keep the packaging material in the form it has been delivered. If the packaging is not available, it is difficult to get a positive claim assessment.

In these cases, contact the Head of Dispatch Department Mr. Roman Švancara (+420 604 222 772, or the businessman who executed your order.

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