Fiber Access Terminal Box COYOTE® FTP

The Fiber Access Terminal Box COYOTE® FTP is designed to protect and accommodate fiber optic splices within an office, home or residential environment. It is installed indoors on a wall without using the special equipment.

  • Indoor
  • 1-12 splices
  • 1-12 connectors
  • SC
  • Capacity of 2 adapters for subscriber output and 5 drop wire inputs
  • Capacity of 2 splices in tray (by mechanical or fusion)
  • Designed for pre-connectorized system to store fiber jumper
  • Fiber inputs ports through the back of the base
  • Can be easily installed on any flat vertical wall
  • The tray design allows for perfect routing and control of fibers
  • Use for fibers G.652d, G.657
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Inputs 3× max. 5 mm
Outputs 2× SC or LCD adapters
Color White
Material ABS
Dimensions 108 × 80 × 28 mm
Weight 0,09 kg
Environment Indoor
Number of splices 1-12 splices
Number of connectors 1-12 connectors
Connector type SC

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