30 Years Experience

30-year Experience in Telecommunications

In 1990, the Micos Telcom company was established as a division of the Micos group together with its other divisions Danet, ITS and Office Systems. Micos Telcom became an independent company in 2018 and transformed into a world leading company by 2019 when it became a part of Preformed Line Products, one of the major developers, producers and suppliers of products and services used for construction and maintenance of overhead and underground networks.

Cost Effective Quality

High Quality and Good Price Balance

Our production facilities utilise the latest technologies and equipment for metal and plastics processing along with long-term expertise of our skilled in-house team. Not only we manufacture Fiber Distribution Products and Data Cabinets, but we also offer a range of extended assembly services, e.g., mounting of Optical Connectors with Fiber Optic Pigtails and fiber optic bundling. We provide a consistent quality solution, which is reflected in many certifications and accreditations including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. We also recognise that prices are very important for our customers, and we attempt to meet target prices where it’s possible.

Customized Products

Customization according to Your Needs

Our customers benefit from our significant research and development in conjunction with our own production facilities. Based on our Centre of Excellence, we utilise our considerable cross-discipline technical expertise and resources to offer special and completely new technical solutions according to our customers’ requirements – from product development and prototyping to testing and putting into operation.

Manufactured in EU

World Class Products Manufactured in EU

Our portfolio contains more than 1,000 items. We strive to fully optimize solutions to meet the high standards of our global customers’ expectations. All of our Fiber Distribution Products and Data Cabinets are manufactured in the European Union.

Complete FTTx Solution

Solution for Each Part of Fiber Optic Network

Our products are used extensively in the many FTTx scenarios – externally / internally and for business or residential scenarios. We provide a complete FTTx solution portfolio including Fiber Access Terminal Boxes, Fiber Optic Boxes, Fiber Distribution Hubs, Fiber Optic Closures, Fiber Optic Patch Panels and Data Cabinets.