MSSO Stand Data Cabinets

MSSO Stand Data Cabinets
  • MSSO Stand Data Cabinets
  • MSSO Stand Data Cabinets
  • MSSO Stand Data Cabinets
  • MSSO Stand Data Cabinets
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Inputs / Outputs (quantity × range) 4× (300 × 100) mm nock-out inlet
Grommets (type and number of used grommets) 4× nock-out inlet
Ingress Protection IP20
Material painted steel sheet
Color light gray RAL 7035
Dimensions (H × W × D) 1,450 × 600 × 450 mm
Weight 63 kg
Environment outdoor
8877.00/5064F MSSO 50SU(27U) 600 × 450 1R
8877.00/6464F MSSO 64SU(36U) 600 × 450 1R
8877.00/6466F MSSO 64SU(36U) 600 × 600 2R
8877.00/8266F MSSO 80SU(44U) 600 × 600 2R
The MSSO stand data cabinets are designed for the installation of data andtelecommunications technology indoor and are fi tted with non-adjustable 21" suspension supporting frames, which are mounted on silentblocks.Stand data cabinets are constructed of welded frame with non-removable rear andside covers. There are breakable inlets for cables in roof and base.The stands withdepth 450 mm are equipped with one 21" supporting frame, cable managementbrackets are included in rear part and can’t be adjustable.The stands with depth 600 mm having two supporting frames and cable management panels are placed on the side part between front and rear supprot frame. Cable management panels are vertically adjustable.Earthing rail is a part of the basic equipment. In the basic version, the data cabinets are supplied without the front door. The doors can be ordered in different variations with perforations or for installation of airconditioning unit together with other accessories.