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FibeRoad™ System

The Best Solution for FTTx

At Micos Telcom, we’ve created the best splice management solution for your fiber network, whether it’s GPON or 5G. Using the FibeRoad™ System across all points of your network (from small closures to large cabinets) will make deployment and maintenance a routine rather than challenge for your technicians.

Why did we design the FibeRoad™ – system for fiber management? Because the customers’ requirements are so different that there are very few fiber organizers that meet all of them. But the FibeRoad™ can do everything. The customers often do not know what they will need. That is why the key benefits include the variable capacity, which enables adding the management segments into a classic stacking system that can also be used in a cascading tray solution necessary for shallow boxes. Our splice trays are suitable for all kinds of applications and their family is still growing. The KM 4, KM 5, KM 6, KM 7 and KM 9 trays can be mixed within one box as required.

A basic part is the organizer, which can also be used as a cable splitter. This replaces the prolonged and complicated process of putting fibers into protected microtubes like in many module solutions, because the fibers pass directly through the organizer into the module. There is also a space for splitters and unused fibers.

The tray holders are clipped onto the input organizer forming fiber ducts compatible also with ribbon fibers or 0.9mm fibers. The segments clipped into each other enable all ways of cable routing as required by the situation:

  • from the bottom up,
  • from the top down,
  • between the trays both up and down,
  • from one side to the other one under each tray or
  • to exit the organizer through a hole in each segment.

Key Benefits

  • Variable capacity: ability to gradually add trays as required
  • Accessible stacking system
  • Significant space savings through a cascading tray solution
  • Ability to mix & match the Fiber Optic Trays KM 4, KM 5, KM 6, KM 7, KM 9
  • Initiative patching solution embbed and inclusive with the stacking system
  • Optional placing of PLC Splitters (outside a tray)
  • Extended space for fiber reserves
  • Ability to place fibers in a secondary sheath (pigtail, ø 0.9 mm)
  • Suitable for all types of networks
  • Suitable for ribbon fibers

Fiber Optic Boxes MDB

Fiber High Density Cabinets MDO

Fiber Optic Patch Panel MDF

Fiber Distribution Hubs MDP EL

Fiber Distribution Hub MDP S

Other Products with the FibeRoad™ System

Interactive PDF File "FibeRoad™ Solution"

You can also discover how the FibeRoad™ System helps create all configurations of fiber distribution and direct termination of connectors in the FibeRoad™ Solution.


Why Take an Interest in the FibeRoad™ System?

“After working on various projects at Micos Telcom for the last seven years – I think FibeRoad™ is one of the most innovative solutions that matches even the most complex network needs. The challenge moving forward is to expand our portfolio to enable ICT operators to standardise their entire network on the structured FibeRoad™ System.”

Petr Kabilka, Product Manager

“We have also introduced a methodology for creating the names of new products to make the product orientation and product search easier. Our clients can now easily recognize if a product contains FibeRoad™. The first two letters “MD” in the product name stand for “MicosTelcom Distribution” and determine that the product contains the FibeRoad™ System.”

Karel Pospisilik, Marketing Manager