MUC 400

MUC 400
  • MUC 400
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The MUC 400 is a purpose designed mini Access Box, or Boundary Box, that will cater for medium fi bre count connections. The MUC 400 is normally used to connect MDU’s or multiple users to the network.
  • Ideal for medium density traffic installations. Depending on splitter configuration, multiple clients can be connected
  • The unit can be split between Base or Pan, and Chamber section to allow for installation over existing networks
  • Small footprint diameter of 350 mm
  • No tools required for assembly – press-on clips complete the assembly
  • Duct ports are sealed with rubber grommets allowing interface with Multi-Duct and/or MicroDuct. No foaming agent or additional sealants are required (4× 50 mm ports) (2× 110 mm ports)
  • Knock-down design allows high packing density for transport savings
  • Hingeless slide-in lid with nylon lanyard
  • No metal parts

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