MUC 600

MUC 600
  • MUC 600
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The MUC 600 is a modular composite solution offering the network builder unsurpassed flexibility, performance and economy. The Chamber section is an assembly of quarter segments.
  • Modern composite design ensures high strength / low weight for installation cost savings
  • Ideal for high fibre traffic installations – up to 2× 144 or 4× 48 Fibre Closures
  • Splittable porting panels uniquely allow retrofitting to existing networks or new builds alike
  • Easy assembly with basic hand tools only
  • Unique multi-port knock-outs give industry leading interface with all Duct and Multiduct options
  • Modular design allows various depth configurations
  • DMC cover eliminates the threat of theft
  • Full range of loading options available
  • Modular knock-down design offers high packing density for transport savings

We no longer actively offer this product.

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