General Terms and Conditions

The shortened terms and conditions describe usual business cooperation between the company MICOS TELCOM s.r.o as the seller and the customer and the buyer.


Mail Order

Send orders by mail to: MICOS TELCOM s.r.o, Háj 365, 798 12 Kralice na Hané

Fax Order

Send orders to fax number: +420 582 307 688

E-mail Order

Send orders in PDF format to email: or directly to sale person.

Purchase Order Requirements

  • company name including Company ID and VAT ID
  • invoice address
  • product name and indication according to the catalogue, price list or price quotation
  • required quantity
  • name of a contact person who has placed the order including phone, fax or email
  • delivery address including a name of a contact person and a phone

Working Hours

  • business department: 7.30 AM – 4.00 PM
  • dispatch department: 6.00 AM – 2.00 PM

Payment Conditions

  • new customers – advance payment, cash on delivery or cash payment
  • established customers – bank transfer according to agreed conditions


  • according to current price list
  • according to individual price lists for regular customers

Delivery Conditions

  • catalogue items are generally available in stock
  • bigger quantities or custom made solutions have individually agreed delivery conditions

Complete business terms and conditions

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