How the plug & play element of MTeH MINI works

The main aspect attributing to the accelerated installation process is the plug & play element. Its effect occurs both in solutions without splicing and in solutions with splicing.

Plug & play solution - using splitter

  • MTeH MINI with a pre-installed splitter can be installed on a wall / in a cable shaft / on a staircase using mounting holes on the sides of the box without opening it.
  • Use a pre-connected cable to connect the splitter to a main box and then connect customer drop cables (the plug & play element). The smaller door that can be opened separately is used for this purpose 
    reducing interference with optical fibers.
  • Complete the installation process in a customer's apartment by connecting to a termination point.

Solution - splitter with spliced input, solution - terminated on pigtails

  • Terminate optical fibers of a cable by splicing with a single splice to a splitter inlet or by splicing multiple fibers into pigtails.
  • Then continue as in the solution without splicing by using the plug & play element.

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