How to Find Cost-Effective and Sleek Products

We appreciate each of our clients and every request for a proposal, which is either precisely defined or the unclear and incomplete one.

With the aim of the high quality service and quick response time, we have prepared a set of questions, which help you specify your request precisely for the first time.


Micos Telcom · How to Find Cost-Effective and Sleek Products



Three Categories of Customers

The first category of customers are OPTIMISTS. They usually send their request without any detailed specifications. The typical request sounds like this: "Please, offer me an optical closure for 12 fibers!" or “I am looking for a box with 24 adapters!” Based on suchlike requests, the professional offer cannot be prepared. Many details are missing, for example: Is it for an indoor or outdoor application? Which types of adapters are required? 

The second category is FORGETFUL – the customers with good telecom knowledge but not mentioning important details only by accident. Their request is clearly specified but incomplete. For example: "Would you offer me a Fiber Optic Closure for 12× SC / APC connector and 12 splices capacity? We will use a 12mm incoming cable and 12 drops."  Even in this case, further communication with the customers is needed before the offer can be prepared.

The third category can be described as BEST PRACTICES. The customers come with a perfectly defined demand, including all the necessary details.

For example:

"We are asking for

  • 200 pcs of the outdoor wall mounted closure – IP 54
  • with max. capacity of 12× SC / APC connection (6× SC / APC duplex adapter).


  • include adapters but no pigtails,
  • suitable for G652D fibers,
  • 12 splices in one Fiber Optic Tray (heat shrink protection),
  • incoming cables (feeders): 1× 12 mm,
  • outgoing cables (drops): 12× 3 mm."

In this case, we know all the parameters, and we can offer COST-EFFECTIVE AND SLEEK PRODUCTS.

Furthermore, it helps a lot when the customer tells us more about the project itself. Sometimes, we realize that we can use a much cheaper indoor box instead of the originally required outdoor box. The capacity and type of adapters or pigtails are also typical parameters which are changed based on the shared information.

We are always trying to find the best, most suitable and sleek solutions for our customers.

For tenders or bigger important projects, we do recommend PRODUCT SAMPLING – ordering a fully equipped product according to defined and agreed specifications. Together with a trial installation at the customers’ side, this helps detect and avoid any misunderstandings or specification errors before official product orders, mass production and deliveries.


Take Your Time with a Simple Set of Questions

Based on this everyday experience, we have created a simple set of questions. Answering all of them, you can create a comprehensive request with all the necessary details for us.

Saving extra communication time on both sides, we can respond quickly and precisely.


  • Where it will be installed: indoor / outdoor?
  • Which type of product: wall mounted, pole mounted, pillar or 19” technology?
  • Shall material be steel or plastic?
  • What is number and diameter of incoming cables or ducts?
  • What is number and diameter of outcoming cables or ducts?
  • What is max. capacity of connectors?
  • Specify adapters and connectors: type: SC, LC, FC, E2000, Simplex, Duplex or Quad?
  • What is max. capacity of splices?
  • Shall it be pre-installed with adapters?
  • Shall it be pre-installed with pigtails?
  • Which fiber standard is required (G652D or G657A1, A2)?

So please, before you send your request, take your time and check if you have answered all the questions.

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