MDP OZ 144/288/432S

Optical pillar closure MDP OZ 144/288/432S is designed for the placement of 144/288/432 optical splices outdoors. The pillar is to be installed in open space in trench. The cabinet is supplied without the splice trays. The solution is recommended for spliced GPON networks.

  • Outdoor
  • 49-72 splices 73-96 splices 97-144 splices 145-288 splices 289-576 splices
  • Only splicing
  • Compact solution (footprint 264x245 mm)
  • Modular pillar height based on the maximum capacity
  • Three-point lock door
  • Duct holder in the basement
  • Cable rings for placing cable reserves
  • Hingeable/detachable splicing plate
  • FibeRoad system
  • Possibility of adding trays as your network grows
  • Possibility of placing PLC splitters in the management  (outside the trays)
  • Suitable for spliced GPON networks
  • Tray KM 4 and KM 6 for 24 splices
  • Optional ribbon splice holders
  • Possibility of loop cable
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Inputs 4x 7-13mm and 32x 2-5mm
Coverage degree IP 54 to EN 60529
Impact protection degree IK 10 to EN 50102
Colour Light grey RAL 7035
Material Fiberglass reinforced polyester
Dimensions 1300//1500/1700 x 245 x 264 mm, Height above the ground 700/900/1100
Weight 14/17/20 kg
Environment Outdoor
Number of splices 49-72 splices, 73-96 splices, 97-144 splices, 145-288 splices, 289-576 splices
Number of connectors Only splicing
85GB.00/0000F MDP OZ 144S
85GB.20/0000F MDP OZ 288S
85GB.40/0000F MDP OZ 432S
495630 Cable base (extension leg pillar)
85AV.04/0000 Splice tray KM 4
85AV.05/0000 Lid for KM 4
495535 Tray KM6
495536 Lid tray KM6
85M9.16/0000 TS 12 splice holder (2 pcs needed for one KM4)


FibeRoad system is designed for optical fiber networks of all types.…

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