MRS 200 Post Mounted Distribution Box

The MRS 200 Distribution Box is designed for the distribution of 200 pairs and it is to be installed onto a post outdoors when building distribution networks with undergroundand overground lines. The plastic casing of the distribution box is fitted with the MIS 200/300 Distribution Box. Two metallic tubes in the lower part and one plastic tube in the upper part are used for running and covering the cables.

  • 200-pair distribution box
  • For distribution networks with underground and overground lines
  • Can be mounted via 2 slot-hole module mounting brackets (10+1 positions)
  • Cable clips
  • Management rings
  • Rubber bushings
  • Lockable door
  • Three-point lock
  • Easy assembly
  • Plastic casing
  • Installation onto a post
  • Post bracket
  • Cable covering tubes
  • Upper tube head
  • IP 54 coverage degree
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Coverage Degree IP 54 according to EN 60529
Self-Extinguishing Degree V0 according to UL 94
Impact protection degree IK 10 to EN 50102
Color Light gray RAL 7035
Dimensions 960 × 478 × 220 mm
Weight 12.25 kg (+11.4 kg lower tube and 1.8 kg upper tube)
Material – distribution box PVC/ABS
Inputs / Outputs Lower panel: 8 holes ø 24 mm and 3 holes ø 44 mm, Upper panel: 4 holes ø 24 mm
Earthing Earthing bridge and terminal
Material – bushings Synthetic rubber/elastomer
Material – metallic parts Stainless steel
Material – pillar bracket Zinc-coated steel
8299.04/0100 Mounting bracket LSA PLUS (10+1 positions)
8299.79/0100 Mounting bracket SID-C (10+1 positions)
8331.00/0300M----65S-- MRS 200

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