MTS 3 Heavy Duty Transport Boxes

The MTS 3 heavy duty transport box is designed for use of 19" technology andcan be used in difficult operating conditions, such as aviation, railway and waterwaytransport. The inner frame is placed on antivibration elements which together with its outer casing, ensure high resistance to mechanical vibration. The removable lids give an easyaccess to 19" technology, and the embedded panel of the rear lid enables the installationof connectors and other connecting elements. The transport box is equipped with an atmospheric pressure equalizing valve, which is activated automatically when the closing elements are opened. The inner box frame itself, as well as the application of HF conductive packing around both lids, meets the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements.

  • Outdoor
  • Transport of 19" technology
  • Height of 4U, 6U and 12U
  • Enables the stacking of transport boxes
  • EMC requirements fulfilment
  • Protection from the weather effects
  • Protection from dust
  • Pressure equalizing valve
  • IP 65 coverage degree to EN 60529
  • Dark green colour
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Environment Outdoor
8B20.00/040DZ50 Base dimensions[mm]: 570x540, Height[mm]: 290, Height[U]: 4, Weight[kg]: 11, Loading capacity[kg]: 50
8B20.00/060DZ50 Base dimensions[mm]: 570x540, Height[mm]: 380, Height[U]: 6, Weight[kg]: 16, Loading capacity[kg]: 50
8B20.00/120DZ2035 Base dimensions[mm]: 570x540, Height[mm]: 740, Height[U]: 12, Weight[kg]: 30, Loading capacity[kg]: 50, Sectional frame

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