Dear business partners,

In these difficult days we would like to wish you good health, patience and tolerance.

We all are affected by government restrictions due to spreading of  COVID-19 pandemic. We do our best to avoid limitations of production and services, but if something is not working, we believe that we can handle this situation together and find alternative solution. We monitor the news and adjust our services and production accordingly. At the first place, health of our employees is crucial, so where it is possible, they work from homes (Sales, Administrative, Purchase, Development, IT, HR). We keep the production and expedition running according to plan, but with increased regulations, like minimizing the contact between workers, no external visits allowed in our company, strict wearing of protective cloths, usage of hand disinfection and general recommendations for personal hygiene.

We focus on the customer satisfaction and our goal is to follow what was agreed and planned. We are very sorry for minimized personal contacts with you, but we believe that in this situation it is excusable. If you have any questions or worries do not hesitate to contact us and we will handle it together.


Micos Telcom team

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