ORM 1 Pre-assembled FTTH scoket

The solution is based on standard FTTH mini socket ORM1 fully equipped and ready for simplified and quick installation in customer premises. In the socket there is assembled the adaptor in which is terminated connector. Into the connector ferrule is during manufacturing process glued and polished optical fibre from FLAT DROP - G657a cable. There are more different options available with up to 2 connectors SC style or up to 4 connectors LC style. Optical FLAT DROP cable is stored on the cardboard spool and can be easily unwind during the installation.

  • Indoor
  • 1-12 splices
  • 1-12 connectors
  • SC LC
  • Time for installation is significantly decreased
  • For the pre-assembled socket there is no need to use any special tool or equipment
  • (fibre cleaver, fusion splicer)
  • The manipulation with bare fibre such as stripping secondary coating, fibre cleaning, over-length spooling into splice cassette, fusion splicing, measurement
  • and eventual repeated fibre cleaving is fully eliminated using this product
  • Smooth installation of FLAT DROP - G657a cable on the facade using clamps or into
  • protective tubes
  • Multiple FLAT DROP - G657a cables can be installed into one vertical protective tube in the building
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Socket ORM1 FTTH MINI SOCKET see page O 6
Type connectors SC, LC
Optical fiber CORNING G.657A
Type of cable FLAT DROP 3 × 2,1 mm
Material outer sheath LSHS
Package dimensions 270 × 265 × 90 mm
Environment Indoor
Number of splices 1-12 splices
Number of connectors 1-12 connectors
Connector type SC, LC
85H4.88/S120F FTTH ORM1 1× SC/APC, 20 m
85H4.88/S130F FTTH ORM1 1× SC/APC, 30 m
85H4.88/S140F FTTH ORM1 1× SC/APC, 40 m
Accessories for ORM 1

Accessories for ORM 1

Accessories for ORM 1 mini socket

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