ORM SNP 4U Draw-out-type ODF

The ORM SNP 4U draw-out-type ODF is designed for the placement of 288 opticalsplices, the cable termination and the transition from the fi bers to pigtails indoors and outdoors. The design of the distribution box enables to install it into 19" base.

  • Indoor
  • 145-288 splices
  • Only splicing
  • M aximum capacity 288 optical splices
  • Capacity:
  • transition cable-cable – 24pcs of splice trays SE – 288 fibers (12F in each splice tray SE)
  • transition cable-pigtail – 24pcs of splice trays SE – 144 fibers (6F in each splice tray SE)
  • Height 4U
  • Termination of all available types of cables ( loose tube, ribbon)
  • Saving the handling reserve in a space of the box
  • Holder for fi xation of 12 pcs microducts ø 5 mm
  • Holder for fi xation of 48 pcs microducts ø 3 mm
  • Easy access to fi bers
  • Well-arranged
  • Mounting box from the front or the back
  • Cable entrance from the side or the back
  • Transition to pigtails
  • Perfect control of bending
  • Outputs for pigtails
  • Extensive accessories
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Colour Light grey RAL 7035
Dimensions 176 × 431 × 278 mm
Weight 6.8 kg
Material – distribution box Painted Aluminium
Environment Indoor
Number of splices 145-288 splices
Number of connectors Only splicing
85H3.00/000CF ORM SNP 4U

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