ORSM 6 Module ODF

The optical distribution patch panel ORSM 6 and is designed for the placement of 36/72 optical connectors indoors in the central office. The concept of the distribution box enables to terminate and lead out all types of optical cables to the point of main optical node. The distribution patch panel is designed for the installation into 19" or 21" data cabinet.

  • Indoor
  • 25-48 splices 49-72 splices
  • 25-48 connectors 49-72 connectors
  • SC LC
  • Capacity of 36/72 optical connectors
  • Compose from 3 modules
  • Module structure (12× SC simplex or 12× LC duplex adapters)
  • Module contains space for pigtail reserve and tray for splicing
  • Easy access into each module (possibility splicing out from the frame)
  • Possibility placing E2000, SC simplex, LC duplex adapters
  • Placement of up to 2 m of an optical fiber reserve
  • Fixing standard optical cables or microcables (3–4 mm)
  • Possibility of installing passive elements into the modules
  • Installation into a data cabinet 19" or 21"
  • Possibility of installation into 300 mm depth cabinet
  • Recommended patchcords diameter 1.8 mm


Product enquiry
Environment Indoor
Number of splices 25-48 splices, 49-72 splices
Number of connectors 25-48 connectors, 49-72 connectors
Connector type SC, LC

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