URM LL 48S Wall-mounted Optical Distribution Box

The URM LL 48S optical distribution box is designed for the placement of 48 optical splices indoor and outdoor. The distribution box may be complemented by a bracket, which enables it to be post-mounted.

  • Indoor Outdoor
  • 25-48 splices
  • Only splicing
  • Maximum capacity is 48 optical splices
  • Integrated fibre management + 4x KM3 splice tray for the placement of optical splices
  • Possibility of PLC splitter placement
  • Fixation of input/output cables
  • 4× PG bushing for input/output cables
  • Use only for fibers G657 a, b
  • Lockable door
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Coverage Degree IP54 to EN 60529
Self-Extinguishing Degree V0 according to UL 94
Impact protection degree IK 10 to EN 50102
Color Light gray RAL 7035
Dimensions 250 × 373 × 69 mm
Weight 1.6 kg
Material – distribution box PC/ABS
Material – bushings PA6
Grommets 4× PG 13.5
Solar radiation (UV) EN 60068-2-5
Change of temperature -40 °C/+70 °C according to EN 60068-2-14
Environment Indoor, Outdoor
Number of splices 25-48 splices
Number of connectors Only splicing
85RQ.00/0000F URM LL 48 S

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