Indoor Riser Cable 12F/24F

Indoor Riser Cable 12F/24F
  • Indoor Riser Cable 12F/24F
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Building an indoor optical distribution using the riser technology consists in the installation of one or more Indoor Riser Cables 12F or 24F containing optical fibers SM ITU-T G.657 A2 at a 900μm protection. The cables pass through a building vertically from the ground floor / cellar area up to the top floor of the building.

From such a cable, you can create a branch at any point in a simple way (a cable divider) and install the required optical fiber using Microtubes 5/3,5 mm LSZH into the customer’s apartment where the fiber is terminated by the Fiber Access Terminal Box ORM 1.

On the ground floor / in the cellar area, the Riser Cable containing the optical fibers from individual customers is led into an object box, in which it is connected to the optical backbone path inputted into the building.

The system offers a quick and easy installation, a great variability and the possibility of gradual connecting customers according to current needs.

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