Micro Duct System

Micro Duct System
  • Micro Duct System
  • Micro Duct System
Photo Gallery
MT6999198 Safety lock against extraction – 10 mm
MT6999199 Safety lock against extraction – 7 mm
MT6999200 Safety lock against extraction – 5 mm
MT6999201 DB microduct coupling – 14/14mm
MT6999202 DB microduct coupling – 12/12mm
MT6999203 DB microduct coupling – 10/10mm
MT6999204 DB microduct coupling – 7/7mm
MT6999267 Microduct end-piece – 12 mm
MT6999268 DI microduct coupling DI – 7/7mm
MT6999457 DI microduct coupling DI – 12/12mm
MT6999728 DI microduct coupling DI – 10/10mm
MT6999831 Microduct end-piece – 7 mm
MT6999884 Microduct end-piece – 10 mm
MT6999936 Microduct end-piece – 5 mm
MT6999938 DI microduct coupling DI – 5/5mm
Na vyžádání / on request 5/3,5 mm
Microduct system is designed for modular construction of optical networks - an effective solution for urban areas, energy, industrial and commercial zones. The complete modular system consists of microcables and optical fiber bundles blown-in into protected microducts connected by passive components. The system can be placed both outdoors and indoors.
  • Optical fiber bundles, microcables
  • Fiber bundles
  • Microcables
  • Protective HDPE tubes and microducts
  • Thin-walled
  • Thick-walled
  • LSHF microducts
  • Passive components