FTTH RISER Solution with Floor Box

Using the Indoor Riser Cable as a vertical distribution in buildings is nowadays one of the most popular ways of constructing Fiber to the Home (FTTH), especially due to its easy installation. You simply cut out working windows on the cable in places where necessary and then pull out fibers.

After installing the cable, the fibers are terminated on SC/APC optical connectors. Connecting customers then goes very quickly, without splicing, just by placing a patchcord between a floor box and customer’s premises.

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How to work with our Solutions?

  • You will see a clean graphic of the outdoor / indoor space.
  • Each Solution showing KEY points of the network architecture indicating what products you will need there.
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    • more detailed information including ordering codes in a table on a separate page.
  • For better orientation, some product-specific numbers are colour-coded.


As the PDF SOLUTION file is interactive, it brings you a benefit of having all the information you need quickly available. Each product number, product name or picture is clickable and linked to the product card on the website with many product details and videos. You can also download the datasheet or place an order directly from the web.

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