BS Data Cabinets with Increased Protection

These data cabinets are special products and designed to increase the reliability of the installed technology. Cabinets with increased protection will also find use in the protection of information systems, both from the disturbing effects of an electromagnetic environment and from any possible leak of important data. The base of the BS line cabinets is a self-supporting welded construction conceived mainly for the installation of 19" technology.

  • Racks and mounting subracks
  • Blinding panels
  • Supporting panels
  • Circuit breaker panel
  • Power supply leads
  • Filters with or without a dust insert
  • Waveguide inlets
  • Cable waveguide inlets
  • Closing mechanisms
  • Mains EMC screens
  • Data and telephone EMC screens
  • Ventilation
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Parameter Construction according to individual clients’ requirements, Up to IP 65 coverage degree to EN 60529

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