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Data centres are one of the most important elements in communication infrastructure. Stored data must be available at any time and anywhere, unchanged and uncorrupted. Data centres are constructed with suffi cient capacity and output to meet the demanding requirements of today’s developing businesses. Optimized data centres allow their users to make more eff ective and fl exible business decisions, to increase their data security and to reduce the operating costs of their communication infrastructure.

  • CLOSED - Data cabinet cooling using a hot/cold aisle is based on the principle of a cooling system which produces cold air which is blown into the server cabinet through a double floor, where the cold air cools down the active components. Hot air from these active components is taken out of the data cabinet and drawn in again by the cooling system. This way of cooling allows a controlled infl ux of cold air to data cabinets and reduces the costs of purchasing complicated cooling systems for the whole of the server rooms.
  • OPEN - This is the same principle of distributing cold and hot air as in a closed aisle. However, here it is possible that hot air will start recirculating with cold air due to an insufficient pressure in the double fl oor or due to a less-than-optimum height of the ceiling, which both lead to insuffi cient separation of hot air. This system separates cold air from hot exhaust air by forming a closed cold space. The space prevents the mixing of cold and hot air and eliminates hot spots.
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