ORSL AP 600 High Density Frame

ORSL AP 600 High Density Frame
  • ORSL AP 600 High Density Frame
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Inputs / Outputs (quantity × range) 2× brush inlet (300 × 60) mm, 4× brush inlet (220 × 60) mm
Grommets (type and number of used grommets) 6× brush inlet
Material painted steel sheet
Color light gray RAL 7035
Dimensions (H × W × D) 2,000 × 900 × 600 mm
Weight 25 kg
Environment indoor
85K6.00/0000F ORSL AP 600

High-capacity stand distribution cabinet is designed for the installation of 19"technology indoors. There is prepare the space for the placement of the opticalinterconnected patchcords reserve on the right. Distribution cabinet is designed forthe assembly of 19" optical distribution boxes and for the installation of active components.

  • Height 42U
  • Easy module system
  • Cable inputs from bottom or from top
  • Easy access to cables and fi bers
  • Option to terminate all the types of cables and micro ducts
  • Horizontal and vertical organization of patchcords
  • Easy assembly
  • Extensive accessories