Fiber Optic Tray KM 6

KM 6 (24 splices, fibers in a secondary sheath)
  • KM 6 (24 splices, fibers in a secondary sheath)
  • Splice Holder TS 12 (for heat shrink splices)
  • Splice Holder K 12 (for crimp splices)
  • Splice Holder RIB 3 (3× ribbon or splitter 4 × 4 mm)
  • KM 6 (with a lid and sticker)
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Flammability Degree V0
Material PC / ABS
Color light gray RAL 7035
Dimensions (H × W × D) 10 × 160 × 106 mm
Weight 0.1 kg
Environment indoor
Number of Splices 1–12
Number of Connectors only splicing
85C3.83/000X KM 6 Kit for Heat Shrinkable Protection
85C3.85/000X KM 6 Kit for Crimp Protection
85C3.84/000X KM 6 Kit for Ribbon Protection

The Fiber Optic Tray KM 6 is designed for up to 24 fibers. It can be used separately mounted on an existing mandrel or in conjunction with the FibeRoadTM System. It is compatible with all types of fibers. A full range of Splice Holders is available to ensure compatibility.

  • Capacity of up to 24 splices
  • PLC Splitter capability (small format)
  • FibeRoadTM System compatible
  • Hinged or stackable mounting
  • Ability to change direction of the fiber storage
  • Ability to place fibers in a secondary sheath (pigtail, ø 0.9 mm)
  • Suitable for ribbon fibers

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