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Flammability Degree V0
Material PC / ABS
Color light gray RAL 7035
Dimensions (H × W × D) 18 × 205 × 148 mm
Weight 0.1 kg
495529 Management KM P
495785 Support stick
495530 Tray holder KM
85AV.04/0000 Splice tray KM 4
85AV.05/0000 Lid tray KM4
85AV.94/0000F KM 5 Kit for Heat Shrinkable Protection
495531 Connecting Piece KM 5
495535 Fiber Optic Tray KM 6
495536 Lid for KM 6

The FibeRoadTM System is designed for optical fiber networks of all types. For the use in distribution boxes, street cabinets or high capacity cabinet. It allows for all configurations of fiber distribution and patching direct in the stacking system. Ideal for GPON networks.

  • Possibility of cascade solution for saving place
  • Compatible to trays KM 4 (24 splices), KM 5 (12 SC), KM 6 mini (24 splices)
  • Posssibility to mix different trays in one box
  • Modular capacity increasing by segments 
  • Patching solution in the stacking system 
  • Possibility of placing the splitters away from trays
  • Space for the placement of unused fibers
  • Compatible to fibers in secondary sheath (0,9 mm)