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FibeRoad™ System –⁠ The Best Solution for FTTx

At Micos Telcom, we’ve created the best splice management solution for your fiber network, whether it’s GPON or 5G. Using the FibeRoad™ System across all points of your network (from small closures to large cabinets) will make deployment and maintenance a routine rather than challenge for your technicians.

Key Benefits

  • Variable capacity: ability to gradually add trays as required
  • Accesable stacking system
  • Significant space savings through a cascading tray solution
  • Ability to mix & match the Fiber Optic Trays KM 4, KM 5, KM 6, KM 7
  • Initiative patching solution embbed and inclusive with the stacking system
  • Optional placing of PLC Splitters (outside a tray)
  • Extended space for fiber reserves
  • Ability to place fibers in a secondary sheath (pigtail, ø 0.9 mm)
  • Suitable for all types of networks
  • Suitable for ribbon fibers

New Products with the FibeRoad™ System

Other Products with the FibeRoad™ System

FibeRoad™ Solution

You can also discover how the FibeRoad™ System helps create all configurations of fiber distribution and direct termination of connectors in the FibeRoad™ Solution.

View the FibeRoad™ Solution