FTTH conference 2020 in Berlin

In recent weeks, we have been intensively preparing for the first major international event after a forced break due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

This is the FTTH 2020 conference in Berlin, which should take place from 1st to 3rd December. The event will take place in Hub 27.

We prepare everything in cooperation with our parent company Preformed Line Products, which is one of the golden partners of the whole event. Its detail together with a mention of our company can be found on the official website of the fair.

This event is the largest FTTH event, over 100 countries will be represented, over 150 speakers will speak at various lectures and 11 workshops will take place.

The list of workshops and lectures has not yet been published, but in previous years the first day was always dedicated to workshops. These were expert meetings on various topics of FTTH technologies and other technologies and services using optical fibers on the basis of governments of EU member states, national regulatory authorities and members of the FTTH Council Europe.

Last year, the second day was divided into three thematic blocks: Politics, Finance and Technology. Topics covered various 5G networks and faster data transfer. So we can only look forward to what the main topics will be on the show this year.

The event also includes a presentation of more than hundred participating companies. We will present our products together with Preformed Line Products. Our common stand is marked G14 and is close to the very center of the exhibition hall.

We are now selecting the products that we will present and we are starting to prepare all marketing materials, including our stand.

Official website of the whole event: https://www.ftthconference.eu/

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