On 8 June 1990, the joint-stock company MICOS, was founded by a group of technology enthusiasts. The original activities of this company were mainly the supply of computer equipment, software services and cable television. However, the goals were greater. Therefore, the activities of MICOS gradually expanded to other areas that appeared in the emerging market of the Czech Republic. Between 1990 and 2007, four divisions were established, each of which engaged in a different activity. The Wholesale and Office System Divisions – for the sale of office supplies and telecommunications equipment. The ITS Division - solutions, supplies and service activities in the field of information technology. In 2006, this division was transformed into a joint venture with the German partner HITES CE. The DANET Division - installation activities for low-voltage electricity and later also for high-voltage electrical services.

The TELCOM Division – for the development and production of components for telecommunication networks - under the leadership of Svatoslav Novák, Executive Director, has become one of the key divisions. Gradually, it transformed classic switchboards for telephone networks (copper cables and wires) into more sophisticated products for optical networks. And it wasn’t just active with telecommunications products. "We tried to use our products in other industries as well, for example, to expand the function of universal camping poles for connecting electricity and water with the possibility of lighting the campsite. Later in 2010, thanks to enthusiasts converting cars to use classic electric motors, we got into the new area of electromobility and the production of charging stations," says the company's Executive Director Ing. Svatoslav Novák. The division is also engaged in the production of special cable boxes capable of withstanding the effects of electromagnetic radiation and impulses (EMC). "We have always tried to operate in multiple production areas so as to ensure the sustainable development of the company, not having to lay off employees or sell production facilities." A significant year (2007) for the TELCOM division was the construction of its own production plant in Kralický Háj. "We were then able to show our production, development, and exhibition room to visitors and customers, previously we simply existed and worked. This had a significant impact on the development of our foreign business activities. We started to appear at specialized foreign conferences and exhibitions. At that time, our strategic vision was simple - to be a European and subsequently a global company," says Svatoslav Novák. In 2019, the TELCOM division was spun off, from which an independent company MICOS TELCOM s.r.o. was established employing around a hundred people. Half a year later, this Prostějov company reached a big milestone. In April 2019, the company merged with the established American company PREFORMED LINE PRODUCT (PLP) which has been in business since 1947 and has more than 20 branches worldwide. "The entry of the American company PLP into MICOS TELCOM has presented us with completely new challenges and our strategic vision is becoming a reality: 'WE BECAME A GLOBAL COMPANY!" Svatoslav Novák adds.

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