MSS AL/54 Outdoor Data Cabinet

The case is designed for the installation of 19" outdoor technology. The designof the case enables installation of side and rear doors which considerably simplify the installation of the technology. Box frame is composed of aluminium profiles. The case may be fi tted with an air-conditioning unit upon customer’s request.

  • Variable base dimensions (min. 609 × 409 mm)
  • Installation height 10-43U
  • Single-leaf doors, double doors from the width 1754 mm
  • Coverage degree IP 54 to EN 50102
  • Material – case: aluminium
  • Material – stand: stainless steel
  • Light-grey finish RAL 7035
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Parameter Three-point lock, Base dimensions of 609 × 609 mm, Physical height of the case without the stand 50 mm, Foam cable entry in the bottom, 2 pairs of sliding vertical 19" bars, Side panels fi xed, Rear panels fi xed

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