MUC 250

The MUC 250 underground chamber offers a cost effective solution for connecting fibres in FTTx networks. It is installed on the customer’s land. It is used for the installation and protection of spares and the subsequent connection of fibres. The chamber is designed for micro duct systems. FOR DIFFERENT CONFIGURATIONS OF THE DISTRIBUTION BOX INSIDE THE CHAMBER CONTACT OUR SALES TEAM.

  • Outdoor
  • 1-12 splices 13-24 splices
  • Only splicing
  • Easy installation
  • Load-free chamber for use on the customer’s land
  • Screw lock
  • The ORM 3 distribution box is fixed to a stainless steel holder under the lid
  • Capacity: 12/24 optical splices
  • Integrated fibre management
  • Possibility of the installation 1:4 or 1:8 PLC splitter
  • Used only for fibres G657a, b
  • PG bushings 3x Ø 2,5 až 6,5 mm
  • Possibility 6x PG bushings
  • Possibily sealing insert 3x 1,6 - 2,6mm
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Coverage Degree IP 67 to EN 60529
Impact protection degree IK10 to EN 50102
Color Green, grey
Material Polypropylene
Dimensions Upper dia. 335 mm, lower dia. 250mm, height 265 mm
Weight 2,5 kg
Material – distribution box PC/ABS
Grommets 3x PG 7
Environment Outdoor
Number of splices 1-12 splices, 13-24 splices
Number of connectors Only splicing
85BE.16/0000F MUC 250 SH 24S PG
85BV.25/0000F PG 7
494117 Sealing insert for PG7 3x Ø 1,6 – 2,6mm
85BV.25/0MVLF PG 7/3x 1,6-2,6

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