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“So, we light one candle on a birthday cake…” Exactly a year ago, on April 1, 2019, we became part of the PREFORMED LINE PRODUCTS family and today we celebrate the one-year anniversary, although we have been doing telecom business already for 30 years. For MICOS TELCOM employees this was a huge, albeit slightly uncertain, step in a new life in a group of 21 other siblings - PLP branches around the world. During one year we are undergoing transformation of internal processes, setting up intercompany business relationships, developing new products for new generation of telco networks including 5G, trading, but mainly producing in the Czech Republic! I am proud of our employees who have not been afraid of this big change and are continuing to grow. Even at this time threatened by a kind of dangerous virus. Now you can see how important our products and work are to building communication networks that help us survive this very special time. Let's be ONLINE!

Svatoslav Novák