Report on MikroExpo 2020

| Exhibitions

15 July 2020 was an important day. We could be a part of the first event after the COVID-19 restrictions – MikroExpo 2020. It was a smaller event here in the Czech Republic but full of inspirations and news.

The whole event was divided into two floors, where companies like ours were presented, and two lecture rooms. Our booth was at the beginning of the first floor, so all visitors could see the qualities of the whole event and the presented products right at the beginning.

We could meet our friends and business partners from other companies, and we could visit booths of other companies like CETIN (mobile, data and voice services provider), NETIO products (smart sockets), Logitech (products for music, games, video and computer technology), Allied Telesis (products and technologies providing end-to-end networking solution), PROFIBER Networking (supplier of services and measuring technologies) and many others.

We could see over 20 lectures.

Thanks you all who organized the event, and we are looking forward to the next year.