We’ve Got Excited about FTTx Solutions

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None of us wants to spend too much time looking for products. Neither we nor our customers. We have thought about how to make your life easier and prepared the complete Solutions.

Using them, you no longer have to search for individual products. Thanks to the Solutions, you can see at glance all the products you will need.

So far, we have prepared the 6 Solutions for both an indoor and outdoor part of fiber optic networks:

You can find them on-line in a PDF format on our websites. The interactive PDF files are perfect guides for you.


How to Work with the Solutions?

    • You can see a clean graphic design of an indoor / outdoor space – a house, a group of houses or a city.
    • Each Solution shows KEY points of the network architecture (for example, a floor in the house) indicating what products you will need there (boxes, adapters, pigtails, cables, etc.).
    • Product-specific numbers provide a reference to additional information:
      • a name of the product together with a picture and a brief description directly above the illustration of the network,
      • more detailed information including ordering codes in a table on a separate page.
    • For better orientation, some product-specific numbers are color-coded.

This interactive system will help you quickly identify products together with their specification number of splices, etc. Using ordering codes, you can order products quickly and correctly.


The Solutions Are Interactive

As the PDF SOLUTION files are interactive, it brings you a benefit of having all the information you need quickly available. Each product number, product name or picture is clickable and linked to the product card on the websites with many product details and videos. You can also download the datasheet or place an order directly from the web.

MICOS TELCOM PRODUCT SOLUTION sheets are a great starting point when searching for products.


Continuously Updated

All the Solutions are continuously developed and updated, each of them presented by a typical animal icon.

The Central Office Solution features an octopus, the FibeRoadTM Solution a lion, the king of the animals, the GPON Solution a spider, the RISER Solution a cockroach, the Underground Solution a mole and the Facade Solution a pigeon.

We are also working on completely new Solutions. What the next Solution will be about and what kind of animal will it present? We will introduce soon.


We’ve Got Excited about FTTx Solutions