We Introduce You the New Fiber Optic Trays KM 5 and KM 7

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We have added two new trays KM 5 and KM 7 to the already established family of the KM 4 and KM 6 trays. All the trays are part of the FibeRoad™ System and meet the current requirements of FTTH and 5G optical networks. Our trays can be used in all points of the network – in wall and pillar cabinets as well as at central office. By using them, you can unify & facilitate the installation, maintenance and further development of your network.

The KM 4 and KM 6 trays are designed for splice-only applications. The KM 6 tray is smaller one and therefore dedicated for space limited installations. The new KM 5 and KM 7 trays are designed for terminating fibers to pigtails and cross-connection, accommodated with adapters. Using the FibeRoadTM System, there is no need for cable splitters nor for fiber protective tubes. The KM 7 tray is ready for splitter mounting.

The new Fiber Optic Trays KM 5 and KM 7

 Fiber Optic Tray KM 5  Fiber Optic Tray KM 7

You can find all useful information about the new trays at the product pages of the Fiber Optic Tray KM 5 and the Fiber Optic Tray KM 7. Or you can go to the page of all Fiber Optic Trays.