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The logistics department will be closed from July 26 to July 30, 2021 and will operate in a limited mode from August 2 to August 6, 2021. The production department will be closed from July 26 to August 6, 2021.

If you now order any goods that are out of stock, we will dispatch them after the holiday.

Many thanks for understanding and all members of the Micos Telcom team wish you a great summer.

We Introduce You the New Fiber Optic Trays KM 5 and KM 7

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We have added two new trays KM 5 and KM 7 to the already established family of the KM 4 and KM 6 trays. All the trays are part of the FibeRoad™ System and meet the current requirements of FTTH and 5G optical networks. Our trays can be used in all points of the network – in wall and pillar cabinets as well as at central office. By using them, you can unify & facilitate the installation, maintenance and further development of your network.

The KM 4 and KM 6 trays are designed for splice-only applications. The KM 6 tray is smaller one and therefore dedicated for space limited installations. The new KM 5 and KM 7 trays are designed for terminating fibers to pigtails and cross-connection, accommodated with adapters. Using the FibeRoadTM System, there is no need for cable splitters nor for fiber protective tubes. The KM 7 tray is ready for splitter mounting.

The new Fiber Optic Trays KM 5 and KM 7

 Fiber Optic Tray KM 5  Fiber Optic Tray KM 7

You can find all useful information about the new trays at the product pages of the Fiber Optic Tray KM 5 and the Fiber Optic Tray KM 7. Or you can go to the page of all Fiber Optic Trays.