Fiber High Density Cabinets MDO

Flexible Response to Your Central Office Needs.
With FibeRoad™ System Benefits.

The Fiber High Density Cabinets MDO help you meet the current network requirements just-in-time. Side panels, a door or subracks are optional accessories and can be gradually added. Moreover, the cabinets can be stacked sideways or back to back and lined up in rows connected to each other.

The MDO Cabinets are designed with the highly flexible FibeRoad™ System inside. The System brings you benefits like:

  • ability to gradually add trays as required (another way how to make capacity more variable),
  • accessible stacking system,
  • significant space savings and
  • ability to mix & match splice trays.

The Central Office Solution using the MDO Cabinets and the FibeRoad™ System can be adapted to meet the majority of fiber optic network requirements.

MDO Cabinets and Key Benefits for Your Networks

  • Ability to mix & match the Fiber Optic Trays KM 4, KM 5, KM 6, KM 7, KM 9
  • Uniform patch cord length of 4 m
  • Ability to gradually add trays as required
  • Modular solution without cable splitter functionality
  • Optional placing of PLC Splitters (outside a tray)
  • Up to 9 PLC Splitters ABS (length 4 m)
  • Ability to stack the cabinets sideways or back to back
  • Roof mounted cable tray and access
  • Increased corrosion resistance (aluzinc)
  • FibeRoad™ System compatible
  • Suitable for ribbon fibers
  • Suitable for all types of networks

MDO 900

MDO 600

MDO 300

MDO 900MDO 600MDO 300
Capacity of Splices 3,456 (for KM 4 and KM 9) 1,728 (for KM 4 and KM 9) 1,728 (for KM 4 and KM 9)
Capacity of Connectors 864× SC / 1,728× LC (for KM 5)
1,152× SC / 2,304× LC (for KM 7)
432× SC / 864× LC (for KM 5)
576× SC / 1,152× LC (for KM 7)
432× SC / 864× LC (for KM 5 without the ranging management)
576× SC / 1,152× LC (for KM 7 without the ranging management)
Dimensions (H × W × D) 2,200 × 900 × 300 mm 2,200 × 600 × 300 mm 2,200 × 300 × 300 mm

6 Installation Videos

On our YouTube channel, we have prepared a total of 6 installation videos to show you all the benefits of these cabinets and how to work with them:

Interactive PDF File "Central Office MDO Cabinet Solution"

None of us wants to spend too much time looking for products. Neither we nor our customers. It’s the same for the MDO Cabinets and their accessories. Thanks to the Central Office MDO Cabinet Solution, you can see at glance all the products you will need, including number, capacity and features.

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Why Take an Interest in the MDO Cabinets?

“The new high density cabinets are designed for Central Offices with all the benefits of the FibeRoad™ System. The cabinets bring fresh breeze into our product portfolio. They feature a flat pack design for effective transport and easy configurability.”

Petr Kabilka, Product Manager

“You can see how to work with the MDO cabinets and what benefits they bring you in 6 installation videos. From flat pack assembly to PLC splitters installation. All videos are available on our YouTube channel.”

Karel Pospisilik, Marketing Manager