MSS Stand Data Cabinets

MSS Stand Data Cabinets
  • MSS Stand Data Cabinets
  • MSS Stand Data Cabinets
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Ingress Protection IP20
Material painted steel sheet
Color light gray RAL 7035
Environment indoor
8872.00/42A0CFU1-111-- Base dimensions[mm]: 600x600, Height[U]: 42, Height[mm]: 2050, Weight[kg]: 87, Flat-Pack Package(pcs.): 2
8872.00/45A0CFU1-111-- Base dimensions[mm]: 600x600, Height[U]: 45, Height[mm]: 2185, Weight[kg]: 93, Flat-Pack Package(pcs.): 2
The MSS line stand data cabinets are designed for indoor installation of 19” or21” technology (dimension of the base 800 × 600 mm and larger). A design of theself-supporting assembled frame enables an easy assembly of the data cabinet atthe point of installation. The unique construction of these data cabinets also permits to reduce their weight substantially.
  • Assembled frame
  • Sliding supporting rails
  • Removable side covers
  • Possibility of assembling a set of cabinets
  • Variable base dimensions (up to the depth of 1,000 mm)
  • Coverage degree IP 20 to EN 60529
  • Loading capacity data cabinets: 300 kg