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Fiber Optic Box ORM 5

ORM 5 with Folded Tray, Microtube and Gasblock
  • ORM 5 with Folded Tray, Microtube and Gasblock
  • ORM 5 with Tilted Tray (4× SC)
  • ORM 5 with Tilted Tray, Microtube and Gasblock
  • Robust Lid of ORM 5
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Inputs / Outputs (quantity × range)
4× 3–14 mm / 8× 1–3 mm, 1× 3–14 mm
Grommets (type and number of used grommets)
4× stepped grommet / 4× splitable grommet, 1× stepped grommet
Ingress Protection
Impact Protection
UV Resistance
Temperature Range
–40 °C / +70 °C
light gray RAL 7035
Dimensions (H × W × D)
235 × 156 × 45 mm
0.5 kg
Number of Splices
Number of Connectors
Connector Type
85BV.01/0000F Lock for ORM 5
85SP.00/0000F Fiber Optic Box ORM 5
85E0.97/00R5F Pole Bracket for ORM 5

The Fiber Optic Box ORM 5 is a wall mounted closure designed for indoor / outdoor installation for the termination and distribution of optical fibers. The box is mainly suited for FTTH networks. It can be used both in suburban areas with a lower subscriber density (family houses, low apartment buildings or offices) or functions as a floor distribution box in multi-dwelling units (MDUs).

  • Capacity of up to 12 splices
  • Capacity of up to 4× SC / 8× LC connector
  • Fiber Optic Tray KM 3 for 12 splices
  • PLC Splitter capability (small format)
  • Stepped grommet in the back wall of the box (ø 3–14 mm)
  • Pre-fabricated access holes in the back wall of the box (grommet ø 5–9 mm)
  • 4 splitable grommets, each of them for up to 2 patch cords
  • Suitable and equipped for gas block installation (for a microtube with ø 5–14 mm)
  • Optional pole bracket
  • Optional lockable lid
  • Hinged removable lid to facilitate easy access
  • Simple installation