ORU 2 Wall-mounted Optical Distribution Box

The optical distribution box ORU 2 is designed as a multi-purposed distributor with hinged rack for assembly up to 16 splice modules SAFeTNET for terminating or connecting of optical cables in micro-ducts or HDPE protecting pipes. Its construction enables using indoors and outdoors as well. With a simple holder it could be mounted on a pillar.

  • Indoor Outdoor
  • 289-576 splices
  • Only splicing
  • Maximum capacity 576 optical splices
  • Maximum connected capacity 192 subscribers (2 fibers for a subscriber)
  • Maximum number of splice modules SAFeTNET 16 pcs.
  • Placement of optical reserve, length 3 m
  • Possibility of connector panel installation for measurement
  • Possibility of oval bushing installation for undivided cable (so-called „OMEGA“)
  • Removable roof
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Coverage Degree IP 54 according to EN 60529
Self-Extinguishing Degree V0 to UL94
Impact protection degree IK 10 to EN 50102
Color Light gray RAL 7035
Dimensions 500 × 550 × 350 mm
Weight 20 kg
Material – distribution box PREPREG SMC
Material – bushings PA6/PVC
Material – metallic parts Aluminium
Grommets 3× rubber bushings ø 30mm, 5× rubber bushings ø 50mm, 1× PG29,3× PG 13,5
Environment Indoor, Outdoor
Number of splices 289-576 splices
Number of connectors Only splicing
8508.00/000NF ORU 2
8521.08/BAL0F Post Brackets

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