Fiber Optic Box MTeH EASY

The Fiber Optic Box MTeH EASY is designed as a simple box for indoor installation. It supports especially FTTH networks. It can be used for storage of a pre-connectorized cable or blown cable reserves, which can be spliced when connecting the customer. It can also be used as a distribution box in small buildings or as a floor box.

  • Indoor
  • 1-12 splices 13-24 splices 25-48 splices
  • 1-12 connectors 13-24 connectors
  • SC LC
  • Easy installation
  • Wide portfolio of accessories - see datasheet below
  • Flat base with mounting holes
  • Space for cable reserve before connecting customer
  • Possibility to use the box for splicing or patching
  • Two positions for adaptor plate
  • Capacity up to 6x SC duplex, or 6x LC quad
  • Gradiated rubber gland for cable  Ø 3-10mm (on each side)
  • Breakable outputs on back side (connection through the wall directly to customer)
  • Possibility to use loop-through cable
  • Splice tray KM4  (max. capacity 24 splices, for fibres G.652d a G.657a,b)
  • 4x splice tray KM3 (max. capacity 24 splices and only for fibres G.657 a, b)
  • Possibility to place PLC splitter
  • Coverage degree IP 20
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Coverage Degree IP 20 to ČSN EN 60529
Self-Extinguishing Degree V2 to UL94
Impact protection degree IK 5 to EN 50102
Color White RAL 9003
Dimensions 205x157x60
Weight 0,350 kg
Material – distribution box ABS - Halogen free, flame retardant (V2)
Environment Indoor
Number of splices 1-12 splices, 13-24 splices, 25-48 splices
Number of connectors 1-12 connectors, 13-24 connectors
Connector type SC, LC
85AX.00/0000F Fiber Optic Box MTeH EASY - Slack Box
85AX.00/0002F Fiber Optic Box MTeH EASY 24S/12C
85AX.00/0003F Fiber Optic Box MTeH EASY 48S
Datasheet More accessories in the datasheet
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