MODB Multioperation Box

MODB Multioperation Box
  • MODB Multioperation Box
  • MODB Multioperation Box
  • MODB Multioperation Box
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Environment indoor
Number of Splices 25–48
Number of Connectors 25–48
Connector Type E2000
The MODB distribution box is designed to the multioperating solutions optical distributions in housing. It is metal cabinet with compact dimensions 441 × 172 × 113 mm. It enables installation of any indoor technology of optical network. It consists of the area of termination of residential distribution, and of the area of common access operators to the residential distribution. The distribution boxes can be installed closely over each other. It has lockable indoor part with saved splices or splitters. There is a possibility of gradual addition of capacity of distribution box and of installing PLC splitters. The box enables to use splicing technology or technology of mechanical connectors. It is designed for indoor wall-mounting.
  • Capacity of 48XSC optical connectors or 72xLC optical connectors
  • Connector holder SC simplex or LC duplex
  • Ideal solution for developer construction
  • Separate party of provider from the residential distribution
  • Common access operators to the residential distribution
  • Fully compatible with PON or Point-to-Point architecture
  • Possibility of installing any technology of residential distribution (EasyBend cables,Riser cables, micro duts, ribbon and loose tube cables)
  • Possibility of placing splitters to 3 pcs
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Stackability