Fiber Optic Box URM LH 96S

Fiber Optic Box URM LH 96S
  • Fiber Optic Box URM LH 96S
  • Fiber Optic Box URM LH 96S
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Inputs / Outputs (quantity × range) 4× 8–12 mm
Grommets (type and number of used grommets) 4× PG16
Ingress Protection IP54
Impact Protection IK10
UV Resistance yes
Flammability Degree V0
Temperature Range –40 °C / +70 °C
Material PC / ABS
Color light gray RAL 7035
Dimensions (H × W × D) 350 × 250 × 90 mm
Weight 2.1 kg
Environment indoor
Number of Splices 1–12
Number of Connectors only splicing
85RQ.10/0000F URM LH 96 S

The URM LH 96S optical distribution box is designed for the placement of 96 optical splices indoor and outdoor. The distribution box may be complemented by a bracket, which enables it to be post-mounted.

  • Maximum capacity is 96 optical splices
  • Integrated fibre management + 4×/8× KM3 splice tray for the placement of optical splices
  • Possibility of PLC splitter placement
  • Fixation of input/output cables
  • 4× PG bushing for input/output cabless
  • Use only for fibers G657 a, b
  • Lockable door