19″ Rack rDSLAM 450M

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19″ Rack rDSLAM 450M
  • 19″ Rack rDSLAM 450M
  • 19″ Rack rDSLAM 450M
  • 19″ Rack rDSLAM 450M
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Inputs / Outputs (quantity × range) 3× 23–46 mm, 4× 9–24 mm, 2× 5–12 mm, 1× 2.5–8 mm
Grommets (type and number of used grommets) 3× rubber grommet ø 50 mm, 4× rubber grommet ø 30 mm, 2× PG13.5, 1× PG9
Ingress Protection IP54
Impact Protection IK10
UV Resistance yes
Flammability Degree V0
Material glass reinforced polyester SMC
Color light gray RAL 7035
Dimensions (H × W × D) 1,200 × 550 × 350 mm
Weight 39 kg
80BJ.00/0000F rDSLAM 450M
85BV.06/0350F Underground base
85BV.21/0350F Template for installation on concrete
Remote DSLAM 900D is designed for complete reinstallation of the network node in a metallic network and installing DSLAM devices. Cabinet contains metallic elements and extra space for splitters field. It allows voice services. Required outage during installation of the cabinet is about 8 hours. Scenerios for remote DSLAM devices are always necessary to modify for your network, please contact our sales department.
  • Possibility to remote power feed (20 pairs) or set up a new power supply
  • Technology for metallic cables HD 180 (typically up to 450 pairs)
  • Splitters field SID-C (96 voice services)
  • Underground base for installation in trench or through a template on concrete
  • Cable transit sealing with cement Compound 16A
  • Cooling fan for the power dissipation of up to 400W
  • 19“ technology for DSLAM and other devices - 4U (max. depth 260mm)
  • DIN rail for electrical devices – 14 positions
  • Holder for 6x SC (incoming fiber optic cable is spliced in splice box placed in the base of the cabinet)
  • Rail for SONAP holders areplaced in the base of cabinet
  • Cable clips